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Sex Positions for Pregnancy!

Sex Positions

Safety is a major concern for most people when it comes to having sex during pregnancy. Generally, sex is a little different for expectant women. As the baby bump grows bigger, the belly enlarges. This makes practicing some sex positions difficult. In fact, some sex positions may not be satisfying for you or your partner.

However, there are sex positions that are great for pregnant women. Thus, being pregnant should not be the reason for a man to go for las vegas escorts Instead, try the different sex positions for pregnancy. It’s however important to know that there are things that should be avoided and things that should be done to ensure comfort while having sex during each trimester.

Ideal Sex Positions for Pregnancy

Generally, almost any sex position can work as long as it feels comfortable. Unfortunately, the ever-growing belly becomes difficult to maneuver around. For instance, almost any position feels good during the first trimester unless there are complications. Nothing will kill your moods faster than pregnancy symptoms that include bloating, exhaustion, and nausea. Therefore, practice sex positions that feel great for you and your partner.

But, when things start changing during the second trimester, switch sex positions. Go for a sex position that feels good and comfortable. If the bump starts getting in your way, try friendlier positions.

These may include the following:

  • Side-lying position- Most pregnant women feel comfortable when they lay on their side while having sex. You can practice this position when facing front-to-front or even front-to-back.
  • Woman on top- This is a classic cowgirl sex position. It works for pregnant women because there is no pressure on the belly. The woman is also in control of clitoral stimulation and penetration depth.
  • Rear entry- This sex position allows the man to enter from behind. This means that he bypasses the belly altogether. You can practice it on a chair or while standing against a wall.
  • Missionary style- This is also called man on top sex position. It’s a great position for a quickie. However, the man should keep weight off the woman by using his arms to support himself.

It’s important to note that some sex positions are generally not safe during pregnancy. For instance, you should avoid sex positions that put weight on the baby bump during the second and third trimesters. Also avoid a sex position that keeps you lying on your back for an extended period.

Nevertheless, practice sex positions that feel comfortable unless your doctor advices you otherwise. Be open to explore and have fun with your partner to stay connected during pregnancy. When you satisfy your man during pregnancy, you don’t have to worry about losing her to escorts in Las Vegas.

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